Advantages and Drawbacks of Working from Home in the UK

If you choose to work from home in the UK, as well as anywhere else in the world, there are certainly advantages and disadvantages. Of course, one of the big advantages of working from home offers an individual a sense of independence. Someone working from home is his or her own boss and may basically choose when, where and how to carry out  projects. They can dress as they wish, eat when they wish and carry on their business in a manner that fits into the daily routine set forth by being their own boss.

On the other hand, there is quite a bit of responsibility placed on those who chose to work from home. Since there is no one setting guidelines and deadlines, the responsibility falls squarely on the self-employed home worker. They must realise that only they can set the guidelines about what needs to be accomplished in a day's work in order to get paid. The security of working from home comes with the ability to set schedules, practices and anything else involved in getting a job done, within budget - and, not least of all, collecting a paycheque from clients.

Flexibility is another big benefit of working from home. However, too much flexibility may lead to too much slack off time; thus, less money for a day's work Likewise, someone working from home may put too much time into a project. At the end of the day, the money earned might not be worth the time invested, while other projects go undone. When recognizing profit, home workers must juggle the amount spent to complete a project as opposed to the amount of money earned. They must deal with suppliers, clients, insurers, etc. in order to have the tools necessary to carry out a profitable day's work. They must also be their own public relations and marketing department, because without clients, there is no business. Not only that, they must be proficient accountants, because in the end, the government will want their share of the business.

Returning to the positive side of working from home, they don't have to fret about issues like commuting, dress codes and other issues that are there when they must travel to a company position. In fact, they can work in pyjamas if they decide that this is the dress code of the day. Expenses for a car, buses or other means of transportation are also cut down, adding to a plus for the income versus expense category. In big cities this is an obvious plus, because those counting on public transportation can, and often do, run into a plethora of problems including delays, breakdowns, weather related conditions, etc. To know that, for most of the working day, they only need to head to the home office a couple of feet away is quite reassuring.

With an advantage, there is usually a disadvantage and in the case of commuting, setting off office space within a home can take away from it's ambience. In other words, one room set aside as an office can eliminate that extra guest bedroom and so on.

Once again, on the positive side, working from home, if properly managed means that break times can be extremely beneficial for obvious reasons like necessary doctor's appointments and other errands. Yet, they must be disciplined enough not to get carried away with break times turning into jaunts that last hours that ultimately cut into the challenge of meeting the work goals for the day.

Those working from home can also become plagued with a sense of loneliness unless client contact is part of a daily routine. Those working in a company environment usually have friendly encounters during lunch breaks and business meetings. For those who's home business involves a lot of solitude like time glued to a computer, depression or boredom are common problems, which could lead to less motivation to complete a project.

Generally speaking, for the right person there are more advantages than disadvantages for those who do chose to work from home. The key to running a successful home business, however, is much like that of going to a company workplace every day. It is essential be motivated enough to succeed and have the strengths and abilities to set up a business plan that lays out day to day rules that must be followed. Home workers must have a strategy for running a successful business that includes budgetary concerns, marketing methods and an ultimate goal to make money. They must have a solid foundation to protect the business with the proper insurances, availability of supplies and common knowledge that will allow income to exceed expenses, and they must be aware of any pitfalls to running a business from home. With all this taken into account, given the right knowledge, financial backing and motivation there is no reason for anyone thinking about opening a home business not to go for it. Remember, every problem is an opportunity in disguise.

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